A Hotfix for Titanfall 144Hz Refresh Rate Glitch is Underway

Titanfall Title Update #3 brought in a plethora of fixes and new features both for Xbox One and PC. The highlight of this update, however, was extreme frame rate support for PC version.

Extreme frame rate support allows refresh-rates up to 144 Frames per Second for people with modern monitors.

This feature, however, comes packed with its fair-share of bugs. For instance, the lock-on time for the Smart Pistol has become inversely proportional to the frame rate of the game. The higher the frame rate, the lesser will be the lock-on time.

This pesky little glitch puts players with such monitors on a huge advantage; especially if they are running with a Smart Pistol.

Affirming that they are well aware of the issue, Respawn Entertainment has announced that a hotfix is underway, but it might take up to 4 hours to reach some players.

We’re currently rolling out a fix for the bug with 144Hz on PC. It could take up to 4 hours reach some users, but it is coming.

Respawn Entertainment has diverted its attention to PC version of the game, but not in a good way. Just recently, the developer announced that Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter will no longer be available to play in Public Lobbies of Titanfall PC version which leaves PC players with only three game modes to play.

Another little bug caught by a YouTuber increases the rate of fire of a weapon with increased frames per second. Read more about it here!