Watch Dogs is This Year’s Most Pre-Ordered New IP, Estimated Sales Around 6M

Ubisoft has announced that Watch Dogs has become the most pre-ordered new IP in Ubisoft’s history and the most pre-ordered new IP in the game industry this year, beating Destiny in the process, as well as the second most highest pre-ordered Ubisoft title ever. GameStop’s Senior VP of Merchandising Bob Puzon agreed.

Ubisoft’s senior VP of Sales and Marketing Tony Key attributed the numbers to players’ anticipation for the game, he applauded the team for working tirelessly to provide a high quality game of its massive scope and eagerness of the players to try the game for themselves.

At their Earnings calls today, the Ubisoft Executives expect the game to outsell the first Assassin’s Creed title, meaning Watch Dogs needs to sell more than 6.3 million units to meet the company goals.

Given the hype created by the game during it’s announcement and it’s nearing release date, it’s likely the game will reach the sales goal soon after it’s release, CEO of Ubisoft Yves Guillemot is hopeful and expectes Watch Dogs to become a major heavyweight in the game industry.

Watch Dogs releases in a matter of two weeks, the game has been developed by Ubisoft Montreal and collaboration amongst other Ubisoft Studios like Ubi Bucharest, Ubi Paris, Ubi Quebec and Ubisoft Reflections which is currently working on The Division.