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I Am War of the Vikings Shieldmaiden, Hear Me Roar

Publisher Paradox Interactive has announced that the first major update for War of the Vikings is in effect, dubbed the Shieldmaiden. Its foremost addition is that you’re finally able to participate in battles as a female warrior, which was pegged by Developer Fatshark some time ago.

While the Shieldmaiden is her own class, sporting a spear and shield, it’s hardly the only thing you can get from this 1.1 update. It’s just as possible to give a female face to any of the other existing classes, for instance.

Moreover, War of the Vikings launches two new maps, one called Strand and the other titled Northbound.  There’s also a Rune Sword that should be added to your selections.

If you were sick of your face, the update comes with some more heads to chop off. Three of them are Viking and one is Saxon.

On the patching side of things, some balancing has been applied to weapons like bows and two-handed axes. Moreover, stamina is now updated to increase swing time when you’re almost out, to prevent attack spamming.

For progression, you’ll now be able to accumulate coins 100% faster. All current players are awarded a 10,000 coin bonus for their efforts.

War of the Vikings complements the 1.1 update with Shieldmaiden downloadable content (DLC). In the DLC, there are new spears, helmets and extra loadout slots. Your Shieldmaiden class can also customize their shield.

There seems to be some confusion in the community whether the Shieldmaiden update is tied to the DLC or not, but it’s shouldn’t be, unless there’s something wrong with rolling out the changes. So, to be clear: Playing as a female warrior is not locked behind a pay wall, only the added customization is.

As usual, the 1.1 update comes with a download size somewhere along 5-6GB. War of the Vikings noted it wouldn’t do those anymore, but since it’s like the fifth time, it’s fair to assume that was a lie.