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Nintendo Being Sued By Philips For Patent Infringement

Nintendo is facing yet another Patent-Infringement lawsuit. This time from the Philips Corporation, who focuses their complaint on the motion-controlled console and its peripherals.

This includes Nintendo’s latest console Wii U along with its accessories and technology that “models a user’s body in a virtual environment by animating a virtual body to follow the physical movements of the user.”

Philips wants to take damages for the infringement valued at three times along with the interest. The suit filing claims infringement of “User Interface System based on Pointing Device and Virtual Body Control Device” of Philips.

If Philips really has a case, then Nintendo would want to settle it as quickly as possible because if it goes to the Jury Trial, the Wii U importing and selling will have to be seized, which is the last thing the company would want after lagging behind the other next-gen consoles.

Nintendo is relying heavily on its first party titles and there aren’t many big time developers except Ubisoft, who are willing to lend their hand to the company.

On the other hand, the fan following of Nintendo is always on the rise with so many old-school and new players willing to see some creativity in the upcoming titles.

We will see how Nintendo copes with this lawsuit in the coming months.

Source: Scribd