New Video Gives a Glimpse of Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth and Last Stand

Dice has released a Battlefield 4 Premium promo video that shows the first footage of the game’s final two expansion packs: Dragon’s Teeth and Final Stand as well as recalling the previous expansions released for the game.

A sneak-peek at the Dragon’s Teeth shows the Riot Shield in action, as the support class hold the shield in position deflecting the hail of bullets whilst this teammate takes cover behind him.

The Riot Shield had been rumored to be included in the new dlc along with other weapons discovered by a forum user in the files from the latest Battlefield 4 patch update. Now, DICE has teased the leaked stuff showing more footage of the Dragon’s Teeth expansion pack.

It’s unclear if this was the video they planned on showing but hopefully they will post another video which takes a more detailed look at the new expansion pack.

The video also takes a sneak-peek at the final expansion pack of the game, Final Stand, which is under development for the time being. The video shows a snow-capped mountain range, can’t say if it’s situated in the US or in China, an interesting new ‘item’ to note is a projectile that seems to be shooting bullets from many points on its body.

Dragon’s Teeth and Final Stand will be the last expansion packs for Bettlefield 4 and are slated to launch in Summer 2014.