Flappy Bird Making a Comeback This August

After being taken down a few months ago, Flappy Birds will make a comeback this August.

Creator of the game, Dong Nguyen has revealed that this time, his game will not be as addictive and according to tweet from Eli Langer of CNBC, it will have some multiplayer components.

Flappy Bird was taken off the app stores a couple of months ago after gamers at large started to harass and threaten the creator of the game.

After taking the game down, Dog Nguyen explained how the game was built in three days and “it has ruined his simple life”.

However, since taking down the game, fans have been pressuring him to bring back the title and he agreed to make it but asked not to expect the release too soon.

Rovio, the developer behind Angry Birds are also looking to develop a game that will feel quite similar to the players of Flappy Birds.

We will have to wait and see what Nguyen has in store for us when he releases his next game this August.

Are you excited about the return of Flappy Birds?