Dungeon Keeper Roguelike KeeperRL Needs A Little Money

Independent developer Michal Brzozowski is seeking funds for KeeperRL, a mix between Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress. It has 11 days left on Indiegogo to accomplish a modest goal of $5000, which would allow the developer to transform the game to a commercial release.

Using the “RL” suffix is popular with traditional roguelike games. There’s none of that “roguelike element” in KeeperRL; it’s pure top-down, pixel art, random generation, permadeath bliss, just like old times.

For gameplay, you take control of a wizard that seeks to destroy the lands it’s currently roaming in. To do so, you can order some minions to do your bidding in a multitude of ways.

In the dungeon-building sense, you can let minions chop wood, excavate tunnels and collect resources to build a maze of rooms inside mountains. Dungeons come with different areas, such as a library for research or beds and cages for different minions.

When you’ve built yourself a small army of units, you can drop by nearby encampments to slay poor inhabitants or look to one of 4 races, such as lizardmen. It’s also possible to outfit your own dwelling with traps and so forth, to keep enemies at bay.

In true roguelike fashion, KeeperRL has a tenacious challenge level, so be prepared to die a few times while learning the ropes. If it becomes too much, you can pause the game while you plot your next move.

As an added bonus, KeeperRL is an open-source game and will remain so in case of a commercial release. Its only goal with the Indiegogo campaign is to make it a lot bigger and more complex.

It looks a little complex when you start off, but we’ve enjoyed our time with KeeperRL so far and we will certainly try to destroy some more villagers to satisfy our megalomania.

Pledges start at just $7 for a copy and $15 for access to development builds as well.

Thanks, Indiegames.