Watch Dogs Has Gone Gold, No More Delays

With only a week left before release, Ubisoft has opted to stoke the hype by confirming that Watch Dogs wont suffer any sudden delays and will proceed with its worldwide release on May 27.

After a five and a half year development cycle, the game is finally ready to be released to the public, the team is excited for the fans to get their hands on the game, until they do, the team will hold off on giving each other a pat on the back as well as opening that bottle of champagne they had since the game’s announcement at E3 2012.

Watch Dogs suffered a delay when the game was close to its intended March 31 release date, pushing it to May 27, angering fans all over the world. Ubisoft issued an apology stating that the team needed more time to polish and fine-tune the game as well as a detailed the reasons of the delay.

Basically, the team had to create more content for areas that are to be frequented by the player, shift some other content to other areas as well as work on the Multiplayer UI. The team also got the chance to add some new features to the game as well as improve the current ones.

An example of that would be Aidans hacking the enemy’s headset causing it to emit a high pitched sound which disoriented the enemy giving Aidan the option of either attacking him or running away.

Watch Dogs releases on the PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 on May 27 with the WiiU version releasing in Autumn.