Latest EA Sports UFC Trailer Features the Legendary Bruce Lee

Electronic Arts has just released a new trailer for EA Sports UFC and it focuses on the father of Mixed Martial Arts himself, Bruce Lee.

Just recently, Electronic Arts affirmed that anyone who will Pre-Order the Game will get a chance to play as the Dragon – Bruce Lee. Alternatively, you can also test your mettle against the reigning champions and beat the Career Mode to unlock him.

Coming back to the trailer, it begins with an old footage of the Little Phoenix followed by a couple of brief interviews of Light Heavyweight Champion, Jon Jones and Lightweight Champion, Anthony Pettis.

The trailer further showcases some of his moves inside the ring which look pretty neat. Aside from UFC, we have seen Bruce Lee clones appear in various fighting games like Tekken which portray him pretty decently.

The trailer must have made adrenaline rushing through your veins. The very embodiment of agility and power is headed your way via Xbox One and Playstation 4 on June 17, 2014.

Electronic Arts has also announced a PC release, but there is no solid release date for this port.