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The Crew Promotion Site is Up, Different Contests Announced

Ubisoft has set up a promotion site for their upcoming open-world “MMORPG-Racer” The Crew, for the PS4 and Xbox One. The site, named Route 909, shares news about the game’s development also serving as the homepage for a Promotion Event that presents a Work in Progress version of the game to folks interested in playing the game across 6 different cities around the world.

According to the site, The Crew is a never before seen blend of car-racing and MMORPG elements. It’s impossible to explain the game in words without trying out the game for a few hours, even then the player wont be able to cover all aspects of the game.

The site claims that The Crew has been in development for as long as 6 years and is now ready to be played. Which is why Ubisoft has started the Route 909 event that not only lets players try the game but also get the chance to win amazing prizes.

Starting May 16, Fans can get their hands on the work-in-progress version of the game at selected game centers in Montreal, London, Paris, New York, Copenhagen and Dubai.

Each gaming center will select players amongst the participants who will form their own crew who will then compete in 3 Contests against the crew formed by the other game centers.

Each contest highlights one of the key elements of The Crew:

  • Exploration: Players are required to discover key locations and items on the map before their rival crew does.
  • Customization: Players are required to customize their vehicle in three different car styles; Stock, Street and Dirt, and making the vehicles represent their game center as much as possible.
  • Crew Battles: Crews will compete with one another in missions selected by the crew captain like racing, PVP and more. The winner of each mission will get to choose the next mission.

Details on each contest can be found here. The Crew will launch on the PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 this autumn.