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Switch Galaxy Ultra Cross-Play Confirmed, PS4 Version Runs At 1080p/60FPS

Over the Playstation US Blog, Atomicom has shared a ton of details for its upcoming fast paced arcade track-racer, Switch Galaxy Ultra.

The game was first announced back on Sony’s 2013 Gamescom Press Conference for Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita. Ever since its announcement, the details have been scarce, but thanks to the lengthy blogpost, the fans have something to cling to.

Managing Director of Atomicom, Gary Nicholas has stated that both versions of the game run at better-smooth 60 Frames per Second with the Playstation 4 version running at full 1080p.

The blogpost further reads that both versions of the game feature online multiplayer mode of upto 4 players. This multiplayer mode is not confined to one platform only as the option of cross play and cross save will also be available.

Both feature online multiplayer with two modes of play for up to four players, and we’ve incorporated cross play so you can compete against your buddies across PS4 and PS Vita. We also have cross buy and cloud save so everyone with a PS4 and Vita combo is getting a real treat.

Furthermore, Nicholas stated that the game will feature seven player ships which will be fully customizable. Along with this, the game will also feature an interminable survival mode and a comic book comprising of 22 pages that unfolds as players progress through the game.

Lastly, a handful of artworks from the game were showcased and how the designer came across them. For more extensive details, head over to Playstation Blog.

Those of you who are wondering, there is no release date provided. Well, that’s a bummer!