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Stylish Superhot PC Shooter Looks, Well, Super Hot

Developer Superhot Team has launched a Kickstarter for their PC project, also called Superhot. Ok, the name may not be the best ever, but this first-person shooter is probably unlike a lot of others.

Its design is already pretty cool. It uses the currently super hot minimalistic style of simple shapes and limited color tones. These differentiate environments, such as office spaces, from other things, like bullets flying at your face.

Superhot takes gun fights very seriously. In fact, it makes that the entire premise, but not like you’d think.

Gameplay is presented in different levels, where a few assailants are firing guns at you. However, time only goes on whenever you move. Don’t move and you’ll see the bullets suspended in air.

This creates much more of a puzzle design than a shooter mechanism, which Superhot builds on additionally with other elements. For instance, there are no reloads and therefore emptying a clip will see you try to get another gun somehow.

Moreover, shattered glass may fly around the room, which you’ll also need to evade. This makes every step you make in the game rather crucial.

You’ll even be able to slice bullets in half with a blade. This game is going for maximum cool points.

It doesn’t look like you have to worry whether Superhot will hit its goal or not. In the short time it’s been on Kickstarter, the game has already amassed over $30,000 at the time of writing with well over 1000 backers. It needs $100,000.

Still, if you’re not convinced about the stylish flair of the game, it is possible to try a prototype build on the developer’s site. It works through a Unity web player.

Superhot was also approved through Steam Greenlight in just a few days, so you can expect it to arrive on Valve’s platform as well.