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Project CARS Developer Discusses Marketing Budget and World of Speed MMO

Slightly Mad Studios are hard at work with the development of Project CARS that was launched for crowd funding three years ago. Since then, the game has raised more than $5 Million and the community of the game has risen up to 85,000 players.

Slightly Mad studios’ Andy Tudor in an interview with Gamasutra explained how he wants to compete in the market with other racing games that are going to be released this fall without spending any money on marketing.

We’ve been making the game in full public view for three years now “There are thousands of YouTube videos of people playing the game already – both from gamers and professional drivers – there are hundreds of thousands of screenshots out there.

We’ve been covered by hundreds of magazines and websites, gamers are talking about us on forums and social media, we’re appearing at major exhibitions and conferences. And we haven’t spent a single penny on marketing.

Project CARS features real time racing experience with pit stops, strategies and dyanamic weathers. The developer continued to mention that everything they have done is open to the players who have funded us as they were in the loop with every step of development.

Moreover, Tudor mentioned World of Speed, which is a F2P MMO title that the developers are working on side by side with Project CARS.

There are certainly times when those ideas pop up, and if it makes sense for it to be cross-title then it gets populated to both games.

But ultimately they’re very different. Project CARS is the game I’ll sit on the couch playing… World Of Speed is the game I play either in the study or on my laptop.

Are you looking forward to play Project CARS when it finally launches this November for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows, Steam OS and Wii U?