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Petition to Bethesda to Announce Fallout 4, Fans are Desperate

Online petitions are a dime a dozen these days.

From petitions to restaurants to not serve chicken or meat to petitions to game developers about porting a certain game to another platform, all sorts are there. This however, doesn’t mean that they all get positive response from the concerned authorities.

Fans have been demanding Fallout 4 for ages now, even the Fallout 4 teaser site which got them excited turned out to be hoax.

Through it all, Bethesda has been mostly silent even after the ‘leaked’ Fallout 4 script.

Recently, another petition was started by Silviu Ploisteanu of Bulgaria, asking Bethesda to officially announce Fallout 4.

The petition was actually created many months ago but with the upcoming E3, fans of the Fallout franchise have decided to flock around it again in order to get more signatures for it and get it noticed by Bethesda.

So far the petition has around 9000 signatures while its creator is hoping for 100,000. Bethesda is definitely working on something behind closed doors, that much is certain after their recent playtest calls.

Would that something be making its appearance on E3 2014 or if it’s even a Fallout game at all is however, still a mystery.