Nintendo 3DS Latest System Update Adds Parental Control Options and More

Nintendo has released a new system update for Nintendo 3DS, which adds multiple new features to give parents some control over the device.

The new update version 7.2.0 – 17U will give an option to the parents to log in from their personal e-mail account and set the parental controls and if a situation arises where you forget your parental control pin, it will be sent to your e-mail account.

Moreover, some changes were made to improve the overall experience of the device.

Other patch notes of the update are as follows:

Added Support for Nintendo Network IDs:
Users can now create or link a Nintendo Network ID, which is required to use some network services, from within System Settings
Nintendo eShop has been updated to support Nintendo Network IDs (*1)
For more information regarding Nintendo Network IDs, please visit our Nintendo Network ID introduction page

Added Support for Miiverse:
Users can now view and post to Miiverse from Nintendo 3DS family systems
For more information regarding Miiverse, please visit our Miiverse introduction page

Added a Software Update Notification:
A notification will now display when software is started and update data is available (*2)

Removed the limit to system transfers:
The previous limit of five system transfers per system has been removed

Changed the start-up method of Nintendo 3DS Camera from the HOME Menu:
Pressing the L and R Buttons simultaneously will now start the Nintendo 3DS Camera from the HOME Menu

Improved system stability and usability:
Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

Are you happy about the new parental controls of Nintendo 3DS?

Source: Nintendo America