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Microsoft Explains Un-bundling Kinect and Why Xbox One Is Better Than PS4

The price of Xbox One was dropped to $399 but at the cost of Kinect, which majority of consumers believed to be a useless add-on – one they can do without and one the console would be better off.

In a recent interview with Forbes, Microsoft’s chief of Marketing and Strategy Yusuf Mehdi explained why the company released the Kinect bundled Xbox One and then removed it.

I think it was the right call to bundle with Kinect. In the beginning of a new console generation, you’re trying to set the bar for a new experience, and I think we did that with Xbox One.

We love Kinect, we love the way it’s going and the possibilities. At the same time, we also wanted to have a broadened base of users. Some games are fully Kinect-based, and some are better when you use Kinect, but can also work fine without it. In each of those cases, this is still the right call.

In another question when he was asked whether he is worried about PlayStation 4 doing well in the market, he said:

It’s hard to really assess the gap in sales. They’re in many more markets right now than we are. They’re in 40+ markets, we’re in 13.

The sales gap between PS4 and Xbox One is only 2 Million Units and many people were holding back on purchasing the Xbox One due to its high price tag.

Mehdi continued on to talk about the reasons that differentiate Xbox One from the PS4.

He mentioned that the first and foremost, people who pay this amount of money for the console wants to play some great games and Microsoft had that covered with some great titles, with more to be announced at E3.

Second thing players look for is an amazing online experience and Microsoft has really set the standard with its great services.

Third reason is the vision with which the Xbox One was released to make it a one source of all entertainment and the effort to make this happen is going on at the studio.

Finally, the “Kinect” with its special games and the voice commands, which have been used frequently by the users.

Microsoft has taken a step in the right direction but the owners of the console are waiting for some awesome first party titles.

Let’s hope some really great titles are shown at this year’s E3 conference which is scheduled to start on 9th June.