Left 4 Dead Survivors Gets a Gameplay Trailer, It’s Looking Good

Taito released the gameplay trailer for Left 4 Dead Survivors, the new installment in Valve’s survival shooter franchise, which is exclusive to Arcades.

Initially announced as Project Z, Left 4 Dead Survivor is the second collaboration between Taito and Valve exclusively for Japanese Arcades. From the gameplay trailer, it looks like Survivors is more of a port rather a new sequel in the series since the levels shown look familiar to the ones from Left 4 Dead 2.

From the voices it seems the game has 2 male and 2 female characters among whom Zoey and Coach can be seen in the trailer with Francis and Rochelle likely being the other characters. This could mean that the game might feature mission from both Left 4 Dead titles.

Taito and Valve’s first collaboration resulted in Half Life 2: Survivor for the Arcades back in 2006.

Left 4 Dead Survivors is set to launch exclusively to Japan’s Arcades some time before March 31, 2015.