Guild Wars 2 Launch In China to be Celebrated With the Festival of Four Winds

ArenaNet has decided to organize a festival within Guild Wars 2 to celebrate the release of the game in China.

“The Festival of Four Winds” will make its way to Europe and North America on 20th of May and you can have a glimpse of it in the trailer above.

The developer commented on their site about the upcoming event, teasing Lion’s Arch Rebuilding:

The Zephyrites have returned to honor the spirit of their trade agreement with Lion’s Arch. Lion’s Arch is largely destroyed and still reeling from the devastating attack by Scarlet.

Players participate in challenges and activities to help raise funds to rebuild the city they helped defend, including that ‘taking on challengers in the return of Queen Jennah’s Gauntlet.’

ArenaNet is bringing the Guild Wars 2 to China with the help of Chinese Publisher KongZhong. The game will have to be purchased one time only without any extra subscription fees after that.

Co-founder of the studio Mike O’Brien said that ArenaNet and KongZhong has been working for more than 18 months to bring the game to China, because it involved translating of millions of words and thousands of lines so that Chinese gaming community could get the best possible experience.

Furthermore, the content that has already been released in west will also make its way to Chinese version of the game within some days.

Are you looking forward to The Festival of Four Winds in Guild Wars 2?