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GTA V Title Update 1.13 Fixes Bugs, Adds Apartments, Vehicles and Weapons

Rockstar released GTA V title update 1.13, adding lots of bugfixes, tweaks as well as new features to the game. Let’s take a look at the features added by title update:

Players can now access and own one of Five new High End apartments in GTA Online, the recent update allows players to own two properties simultaneously but it also increases the Mechanic and Utility charges.

New vehicles have been added to, players can now purchase: Pegassi Zentorno, Dewbauchee Massacro, Enus Huntley, Coil Voltic, Dinka Thrust, Grotti Stinger as well as an open variant of the Bravado Banshee.

The Southern San Andreas Super Autos has also received some new additions – L Ocelot F620, Schyster Fusilade, Vapid Dominator, Maibatsu Penumbra, Invetero Coquette, Ubermacht Sentinel and Ubermacht Sentinel XS.

Players can customize their new vehicle with one of the six new horns and two new classical horns, which have been added to Los Santos Customs.

The Bullpup Rifle can now be purchased from Ammunation. The Bullpup is an assault class rifle that fires 30 rounds, can be extended to 60 rounds, that deals average damage.

Players can now choose one of 32 new fitted suits for their male character. Players in different GTA Online sessions now have the ability to spectate their friends via the friends’ menu.

Non-contact race mode has been added to the game which disable collisions between the race participants, turning their cars into transparent silhouettes, though the racers can collide with the environment and traffic.

The title update reverts the change in bike physics from the previous title update as requested by the stunting community of GTA online.

The title update also fixes the issue in which dropped items in custom Capture Jobs do not show up on the map.

Another issue where players cannot reclaim their insured vehicle has been fixed as well as the exploit which allowed players to shoot in the garages.

The Maximum Rank has been capped at 8000.

The mission Rooftop Rumble has received changes in it’s difficulty:

  • About 50% of the FIB agents present at the beginning of the mission now have higher accuracy.
  • More FIB agents spawn in two waves of cars as the player attacks the parking garage.
  • Killing all waves of FIB agents will either progress the mission or require the players to finish all FIB agents.
  • The FIB agent carrying the documents now spawns in a vehicles as the mission progresses.

You can read the rest of the changes at the official site.