GTA Online ‘High Life Update’ Brings Back the Infinite Money Glitch

Yesterday Rockstar Games released patch 1.13 for Grand Theft Auto Online. The patch brings with it many new features under the High Life update as well as bug fixes. However, it seems that the community has been ahead of Rockstar all this time.

GTA Online community has managed to find a way to exploit the Unlimited Money Glitch once again. The players are seeking help from other players to duplicate vehicles in order to get large sums of money.

An example of the exploit can be seen in the video
The Unlimited Money has been in the game since the early days of GTA Online launch and despite Rockstar’s efforts they have been unable to stop players from exploiting it.

After its initial delay, the High Life update brings players many new changes in the game some of which are listed:

  • Five new High-End apartments have been added to GTA Online
  • The ability to own more than one property has been added to Online. Utility and mechanic charges will also double if you own two properties.
  • A mental state has been added.
  • The Bullpup Rifle has been added to Ammunation.
  • Spectate player is now available

Full patch details can be seen here.