Free-to-Play Landmark Now On Early Access For Up To $100

Publisher Sony Online Entertainment has gone ahead and put Everquest Next Landmark, henceforth shortened to just Landmark, onto Steam through Early Access. Everything is going to come through Early Access now, better get used to that, big or small.

In Landmark’s case, the term here is “big” and quite big at that. This is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game where players pretty much populate the entire universe.

Players are given a few tools, which allow them to build anything in the world their hearts desire. From a lowly house to entire castles; Landmark is a building project stretched out over the entirety of its endlessly growing game.

Environments are procedurally generated. It’s even possible to delve underground and continue there; just like any self-respecting Minecraft-copying sandbox game does these days.

Buildings are pretty easy to erect, with simple drag and drop interfaces, facilitated with a copy paste element, so you don’t have to go through the same process all the time. That allows for fairly symmetrical shapes to be put into the game within minutes.

Since Landmark opened to the public, it has even allowed the community to “break” its design. For instance, players found ways to create “micro-voxels” and later even “anti-voxels” that reshaped the game.

It’s always great when developers work with the community to support their creativity, even if it destroys the original idea. Dishonored was a notable fan of that as well, leaving missions extremely open to interpretation.

Landmark is available in three paid-for packs. A simple Settler Pack costs €19.99 and comes with a better pickaxe.

Shelling out €54.99 also grants access to a special outfit, both in medieval style as well as a futuristic one. That pack also has a Ring of Bounty that helps collect resources and a Mega Pocket that increases your inventory.

Going all out with a Trailblazer Pack costs a whopping $92.99 and adds two more outfits, a Mastercraft bracer that helps produce high quality items and a void vault to access your network. Additionally, you get to hand out 4 Closed Beta keys to your friends.

Unfortunately, pricing is completely unequal, yet again, so you’ll pay $19.99, $59.99 or $99.99 if you’re in North America. For reference sake, the highest tier is closer to €70 or goes up to $140 for Europeans.

Landmark is, in essence, a free-to-play MMO, by the way. We’ll just throw that out there.