CD Projekt RED Reveals New Company Logo, The Witcher 3 Logo Also Updated

CD Projekt Red has updated the company logo as well as the logo for their highly anticipated title The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The company is said to have run with its original logo ever since the Studio Founders, Michal Kicinski and Marcin Iwinski started the studio in Krakow, Poland back in 2002. Kicinski and Iwinski were pioneers of video game distribution in Poland back in the 90s until they decided to use their expertise in video game development.

The new logo might seem strange to some but according to CD Projekt Red’s Head of Studio, Adam Badowski, the logo means Energy and Passion.

To him, the REDbird represents their studio’s intrepidness, boldness and confidence in the video game industry, always striving for the best. The logo is a blend of the Northern Cardinal, commonly known as Red Bird, and a polish mythological creature: Rarog, a small firebird that is believed to bring luck to people.

The RED in the title stands for inner energy according to Badowski, the creative energy and passion the studio uses to provide top-notch RPGS for gamers all over the world.

The logo will be officially used by the studio starting May 14 and will represent the studio on every official asset.

cd projekt red

Alongside the company’s logo, CD Projekt RED also revealed the new logo for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It has resemblance to the mask worn by General Eredin, an ominous leader who will appear in the game.

In the game, The Wild Hunt is believed to be an event that ushers in war, plagues and death. No one knows what first started the wild hunt, what brought the terrifying monsters that wreak havoc on the world of man and are believed to steal their souls to bolster their own numbers.

In the game, the Wild Hunt bosses are the center to many of the folk beliefs, with each boss having it’s own lore. Who controls the Wild Hunt, how many are there, what do they want is what everyone wonders, what they do know is that whoever has come face to face with the Wild Hunt has never lived to tell his tale.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the final chapter to Geralt of Rivia as he embarks upon a quest through a war-torn world to take on the Wild Hunt. The game will release on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 in February 2015.