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80s-Themed Space Sim Paragon Enters Steam Early Access

Guess what? We have another Early Access game for you today, as space simulation Paragon has come to Steam through the development platform as well. It is now available at a 33% discount until May 19, 2014.

Paragon is one of those first-person trading sim games. You have a ship and you fly around in the vacuum of space, picking up goods and trading them for more wealth and power.

One of the particular selling points in the game is that it is free from loading points, even if it’s boasting “a galaxy thousands of lights years across filled with millions of planets and stars.”

It’s probably due, in part, to procedural generation, which the game applies to make its universe, brick by proverbial brick. That helps to save on some constraints.

Aside from just trading, it’s also possible to partake in mission objectives, such as chartering soldiers or even space assassination plots. There’s a bunch of intrigue in this one.

It takes its lore from an alternate reality in which the Cold War never ended. That means that space will probably be dealing with a lot of mistrusting character, factions trying to outgun each other and so on.

For its theme, Paragon uses a slightly minimalist visual style embedded in the 80s genre of sci-fi. We’d even see some 60s Kubrick in there and 70s as well, but it’s not like we’re telling them what their game is. They know.

As a rare notion these days, Paragon is also explicitly singleplayer-focused. It’s an actual selling point, which we definitely like to commend. Not all games inherently need to be played together.

Paragon was originally approved for Valve’s platform through Steam Greenlight.