Wildstar Shows Off Hardcore Raids System – It’s Hardcore

There’s a new trailer out for the massively multiplayer online (MMO) game Wildstar, which details its raid system. It’s a pretty unanimous feeling that Wildstar has the most exciting trailers, but just try to watch this one without getting pumped, seriously.

So, raids are performed in group, from 20 to 40 players combined. They take on an immense dungeon full of dangerous traps, mini-bosses and bigger bosses. Even the “mini” ones look pretty big, actually.

In fact, everything in these raids will be put on a large scale. There’s even talk of the rooms themselves becoming bosses. That should give you an idea just how larger than life the MMO wants to be.

A big part of Wildstar is its combat system, which works the same for enemies and players alike. Each can telegraph their attack through a series of area of effect shapes.

In this clip, we can zoom out and view from afar just how ridiculously complex enemy boss attacks are. It looks like a mathcore concert in there, with illustrious shapes circling around the room.

Just in case that gets boring, the environment itself could turn on you during a raid. Some floors may catch fire or explode. It’s going to be a pretty active deal.

Since raids operate on a boss rush system, with a series of challenges being thrown out back to back, there’s also a ton of teamwork involved to make sure everyone stays alive. If and when you do survive, all team members will be rewarded with some hardcore loot.