Sunset Overdrive Will Support Online Co-op

Sunset Overdrive is becoming one of the most discussed video games since its gameplay reveal a few days ago. Now, the developer behind the Xbox One exclusive has revealed that the game will be featuring a co-op online as well, which will be shown soon (probably at E3).

In response to a question that asked about the replay value of the game, Insomniac tweeted:

The open-world game from the developer of Ratchet and Clank franchise is set to make its mark on the market with its new innovative gameplay.

Previously, Insomniac confirmed that the single player campaign of Sunset Overdrive will be playable in co-op as you fight with the mutants that are spawned by drinking a fighting energy drink.

The details on the multiplayer mode are pretty scarce right now but after looking at the gameplay, you can expect it to be equally fun and innovative as well.

Insomniac has made a huge name for itself in last few years but it will be interesting to see if the developers manage to deliver on their promises with this one.

Sunset Overdrive is scheduled to arrive by the end of this year, exclusively for the Xbox One.