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Want More of Sunset Overdrive? These Preview Videos May Satisfy You

Several websites sites have posted videos previewing the Xbox One Exclusive Sunset Overdrive, some of which include new footage of the game. Watch the videos below and let us know what do you think about this hyped title.

Sunset Overdrive plans to be as different from most of Insomniac’s games as possible, dropping the duck-and-cover combat for run-and-gun featuring an arsenal of awesome weapons all Insomniac games are known for.

You play as a custom character in Sunset City in the year 2027, a super corporation called FizzCO has launched a new highly addictive energy drink called Overcharge Delirium XT, to mark the occasion FizzCo throws massive parties and gives the drink away.

People who drink too much of the beverage become mutants and soon overrun the city. FizzCo quarantines the city, locking the mutants; now called Overcharge delirium drinkers or ODD and trapping the normal people with them.

As a player your duty will be to investigate a strange radio signal from a Radio Tower from the dangerous part of the city.

The game’s movement system is inspired from games like: Tony Hawks Skateboarding titles, Prince of Persia, Infamous allowing players to wall-run, get boosted jumps on certain objects, grind on rails/powerlines.

Insomniac is known for making outrageous weapons that are both fun to use and look at, in Sunset Overdrive the players can have access to many awesome weapons such as a grenade launcher that lobs teddy bears strapped with dynamite, a gun that shoots small boxes which open to reveal a gun strapped to a propeller which floats in the air shooting at the enemy and a flaming sword that shoots arcs of fire waves.

The game features a style bar which fills up as the player maintains his movement flow or takes out groups of enemies as well as swapping weapons over and over, once the bar is full it unlocks an Amp which unlocks and gives the player a special ability to use whilst the style bar is full.

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