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How Reputation Works in Watch Dogs

In a recent blog post, Ubisoft has shed some light on the reputation system in their upcoming game, Watch Dogs. The game being set in a free roam world allows players the freedom to do whatever they desire.

However, every action has its consequences, whether they are good or bad depends on the act.

Armed with ctOS, players have the ability to control almost everything in the game world, quite literally turning the city of Chicago into a weapon. What the players however, choose to do with this power will have its effect on the residents of the city.

If players choose to run around like madmen, shooting wildly, harming innocents or stealing, the citizens wouldn’t look too favorably upon them and neither will the media. Your picture would end up all over the news; shop owners will call the cops when you enter their shops.

Doing good deeds can redeem you; a more conscientious Aiden will be received with cautious optimism.

“The media will still report on you, but maybe not in such a negative tone,” Lead Writer Kevin Shortt explains. “It will be more questioning. Is he a good guy? Is he a hero? Is he a terrorist? They are going to start raising these kinds of questions.”

If you have a good reputation among citizens, they might choose to look the other way when you are committing a crime for which otherwise they would have called the cops.

Again the choice is totally up to the players; if they want to act like the big bad wolf they can still do it. Players will never be stuck in a scenario where they can’t undo the “harm” they have done.

Although Lead Gameplay Designer Danny Belanger stressed that like actual people, the citizens will need a little coaxing before they fully forgive players again.

The game will also be putting the player’s own morality to test. Sometimes they might have the option to make decisions which don’t seem to have any immediate impact, no one can notice them doing it but should they still do it?

What if you find someone who has an unsecure bank account, should you hack into it given that you know the person is a working class citizen who is employed on low wages? Such choices will not affect your gameplay but the goal is to make you ask these kinds of questions.

Guess how you choose to use this ultimate power will be seen once the game launches on May 27th 2014 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4 and Wii U.