New Call of Duty Ghosts Title Update is Live, New Game Mode Introduced

Infinity Ward has released a new update for Call of Duty Ghosts across all platforms. The new update adds several new features which were hinted by a redditor after going through the files added in a recent game update, a few weeks ago.

The new update introduces Spawn Logic, Weapon balances, Killstreak balances and a new game mode called “Reinforce” that has been rumored for weeks. The update also addresses some bugs and updates the Gun Game and Extinction game modes.

Details on the additions and tweaks are as follows:

New Game mode “Reinforce”:
In the new game mode, when a player is killed, he is kept from spawning until a teammate cpatures a control point on the map. Players must capture and hold 2 control points or take out the enemy team to win rounds, capturing all 3 flags grants instant victory.

Gun Game:
Final kill can only be achieved with a thrown knife kill. Throwing knives are now scavengable.

The usability window of other items has been reduced when deploying the Riot Shield. The Drill Logic has been improved and the Grenade Turret has been adjusted.

Spawn logic:
Improved spawn logic in Free for All, Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed and Cranked modes. Blitz spawning has been improved for online matches.

Weapon balances:

Vepr: Aiming down the sight is now slightly faster, similar to the other smgs in the game.

Bizon: The minimum and maximum damage range has been reduced and the kick of the gun has been increased slightly, the gun’s Headshot multiplier has been reduced preventing 1 for body and 1 head shot kills.

CBJMS: Maximum and minimum damage range has been reduced.

IED: Players will suffer less damage when jumping, crouching or prone. The IED position check relative to player has been removed.

Thermobaric Grenades: Deals 1/2 max health damage in hardcore modes.

Killstreak Balance: Squade Mate has reduced accuracy and fire rate. Weapon swapped with mp443.

eSports: DOM has been updated and allows 2, 5 minute rounds for eSports playlist and eSports mode in Private Match and System Link.

Anti-Cheat: Anti-cheat system has been improved, the elite clan tag spoofing issue has been resolved.

Other fixes:

  • The issue where Tracked Operations and Progressed Operations loadout builder doesnt properly select items has been fixed.
  • Players will get a popup if they try to join a blocked user from the ‘recently met’ player list.
  • The issue where New Icons for heads/uniforms and others would appear in private match has been fixed.
  • The Heads button will now appear if the player has unlocked new heads of the gender used by the player.
  • Map voting has been improved.
  • The Image stutterring faced in the in game store when moving between images has been fixed.
  • Hardcore audio alias in Kill Confirmed has been fixed.
  • A proper friendly alias for blitz friendly scoring has been added.

Update to Xbox One version of Ghosts:
Players can no longer gain access to friends list in the offline menus.

Update to Playstation 4 version of Ghosts:
The Out of Memory 12 issue has been resolved alongwith the issue where a player with a second controller couldnt join a different clan after accepting a clan invitation.