League of Legends Braum Available Now, Along With Spotlight Video

Riot Games have finally made playable a new champion for their MOBA League of Legends.

Originally revealed in April, Braum, the heart of Freljord is now available for players to play along with a Dragonslayer skin for 1462RP until the end of the weekend after which the price will go up to 1950RP.

The official promo page for Braum lists his feats of bravery and selfless acts. Originally a goat herder, Braum found an unbreakable shield one day which he now uses to protect those who are weak.

His selfless nature is reflected in his kit, making him a true tank.

Using the skill combinations like ‘Stand Behind Me’ followed by ‘Unbreakable’ puts Braum directly between his allies and those seeking to do them harm. Soaking up all the damage, Braum gives his team mates a chance to escape or unleash hell on their enemies while avoiding damage.

As you would expect from a tank build, the main focus of Braum players should be in beefing up his health, armor and magic resistance.

Currently, there are only two skins available for Braum. The classic skin shows him as the gentle giant of the tundra, using ice skills to fulfill his duty to the League.

The Dragonslayer Braum skin transforms him into a fearsome warrior armed with a powerful fire breathing shield readying him for anything and anyone as he says so himself.

“Dragon scale for armor, dragon face for shield. Heh, now we are ready for ANYTHING.”