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InnoGames Announces Free Cross-Platform Rising Generals

Developer InnoGames announced Rising Generals, a new massively multiplayer online (MMO) game in line with their other products. It will rely heavily on player versus player (PvP) dynamics in a modern warfare setting.

InnoGames is known for games like Tribal Wars or Forge of Empires. Most of their titles include strategic base building in a free-to-play browser game.

Rising Generals will follow the same make. Additionally, its creation in Adobe Air allows it to be available cross-platform on PC, Android and iOS devices.

Players are tasked with building and upgrading a base, also spawning units that they can use to attack others. Results are shown instantly, meaning that enemies can also retaliate immediately, unlike a series of timed browser games.

Upgrades can be unlocked either through new technologies or received through perks given by officers and generals. Resources seem to be divided between calls, supplies, money and what appears to be special diamond currency, presumably for monetization options.

For Rising Generals, InnoGames is teaming up with Bruce Shelley, known for work on the groundbreaking Civilization series, as well as Age of Empires. Those are pretty iconic titles for a person who now works for Zynga and helped to create FrontierVille.

There will be a public Beta for Rising Generals this summer. It’s said that its game world should be able to hold up to 40,000 players. That’s going to get packed.