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GTA 5 Has Sold 33 Million Units, Total Sales Reaching $2 Billion

Take-Two interactive has reported that Grand Theft Auto 5 has sold more than 33 million copies, generating about $1.98 billion in sales since its launch.

The publisher announced that the game was the best selling console game last year in Europe, North America and Latin America, becoming the fastest to reach $1 billion in sales in video game history.

Rockstar is said to have developed the game over a period of five years with the total cost reaching $260 million, setting a record which Activision seeks to break.

GTA Online released a month after the game and has received multiple updates after its release, with The High Life update being the recent major addition.

Of the $1.98 billion earned by GTA V, not all of it goes to Take-Two, but it still is an impressive figure taking Take Two’s $4.2 billion in revenues it generated during it’s fiscal year.

Take Two’s chairman Strausss Zelnick said GTA Online was the major contributor to the game’s digital sales which further boosted the revenues, the tools Rockstar provided to the gamers allowed them to come up with their own content which not only increased the game’s overall life but also attracted new players to the game.

An estimated 7 million user-created content has been made in GTA online to date.