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Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Patch 2.0.5 To Improve Legendary Drops From Horadric Caches and More

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Patch 2.0.5 will be live today once the scheduled server maintenance ends.

In essence, it’s mostly a bug fix and balancing patch so there aren’t any huge changes but some new information has emerged during data mining of the patch.

There are a decent amount of class skill tweaks to change their damage or elemental types along with a few bug fixes and some community buffs.

Some of the expected changes in the patch are listed below:

  • Drop rates of legendaries from Horadric Caches is getting buffed.
  • Caches will now properly reflect the difficulty on which they are farmed, increasing the chance of Torment- only items and Imperial gems.
  • Gem unsocketing cost has been reduced.
  • Rift Guardians on higher Torments will now drop more Bloodshards.
  • Chiltara spawn chance in Ice Caverns has been increased.
  • A bug fix which caused weapons with elemental damage to not work properly with the ‘+damage%’ prefix.
  • A fix to make sources and mojos roll correct damage.
  • New community buffs which increase legendary drop rates, increased rift key bonuses, boosted gold find etc.

Full patch notes will be available once the maintenance is over and the patch is officially live. Players can expect some huge changes throughout the game once patch 2.1 is made available.

Source: diablofans