Darksiders 3 Not Ready to Be Announced

The Darksiders 2 was released a couple of years ago for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC but after the bankruptcy of THQ, Nordic Games acquired the franchise and hasn’t said a word about it since then.

However, the developers finally broke the silence and assured that the franchise is very much alive but nothing about that can be announced right now.

In a statement to Rock Paper Shotgun, one of the representatives of the studio said:

With regards to Darksiders 3: of course we’ve always been busy in the background, talking to a lot of former team members about a continuation of the series, but we are not ready to announce anything officially.

The developers want to bring another classic game to the die-hard fans of the series and will show it when it is ready to be shown.

Before we can say something about the ‘how’ and ‘when’ of publishing/financing the sequel is concerned, we are still busy in properly figuring out the ‘who’ part of this large-scale project. All I can say is that we can and will not settle for second-best solutions in the case of Darksiders

The original Darksiders featured War as the protagonist of the game while the second game Death, another horseman. It will be very interesting to see how Nordic Games approach the game and which of the horsemen they choose to bring to the sequel.

There are a lot of expectations from the studio, but we will have to wait and see what Nordic Games are brewing in their studios when they finally lift the curtains from the sequel.

Who would you like to play as in Darksiders 3?