This Artwork Shows How League of Legends 2D Fighter Should Be

A Brazilian artist who goes by the name of Iury Padilha has re-imagined a couple of characters from popular MOBA League of Legends and what he has achieved is truly remarkable.

Posted over user-shared artwork community, DevianArt, Padilha has transformed champions, turrets, and monsters into a 2D space, the likes of which can be witnessed in games like Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters, Street Fighter, and The Art of Fighting.

While replying to fans over the comments section of his DevianArt profile, Padilha stated that he used Photoshop and Digital Painting for the background and HUD. As for creating characters, he used PixelArt and Pencil Tool.

The first artwork showcases Ashe in a battle against Ahri with a jungle monster in the background. There are no distinctive slots for different abilities. Instead, only Ultra is shown at the bottom of the screen which obviously gets filled up dealing and taking damage.

LOL 2D (1)

The other artwork posted showcases Jinx against Katarina, but the Ultra bar is now replaced by special abilities. Above the health bar of champions, the amount of Gold is shown which can be used to purchase new items; if it ever were to get transformed into a game.

LOL 2D (2)

Another thing you need to know is that these artworks are not related to League of Fighters being developed by Team Instaburst which was announced last year.

I’m all in for League of Fighters if Team Instaburst agrees on hiring Iury Padilha as their designer.