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Match-3 Puzzler Sparkle 2 Coming to PS4 and PS Vita on May 20

10tons studio has announced the sequel of their match-three-puzzle game Sparkle Unleashed titled as Sparkle 2 for the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita. The title will see a simultaneous launch for both consoles on May 20th 2014 and will support cross-buy as well as a free trial.

In the game, the player has to uncover 5 keys scattered across a mysterious land that is locked between night and day, the keys are said to open a lock which guards a mysterious treasure.

The game features three game modes: story, survival and challenge. The story mode features over 90 levels set across many locations in the mysterious land with professional voice-overs narrating the tale between each level. Acquire special powerups as you stop the orbs of darkness from reaching their goal and watch as they’re obliterated spectacularly with the improved special effects of the game.

The game can be played both with the analog-sticks and the touch-pad of the DualShock 4, working both as a controller and touch-screen similar to the mobile versions of the game.
Sparkle 2 will be available to download via PSN for the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita on March 20th for $7.99, players can also download the free trial of the game.