Second Firmware Update for Xbox One Preview Program is Live, Details Inside

Those of you who are in Xbox One Preview Program and love to record their gameplay, Microsoft has just rolled out the second firmware update which addresses some of the pesky issues revolving around party chat and DVR problems.

Dubbed as Version 1405, this update brings some changes to ‘Get System Update’ button which is now completely greyed-out if there is no update available, and in the case of an available update, it will simply read, ‘Update Console’.

A small, but annoying issue concerning Party Chat, an issue which caused Party Chat to be muted unless the party app was snapped to Home Screen has also been fixed.

The most frustrating issue that has been addressed with this update is related to DVR. The issue which caused recording of gameplay clips without any audio has also been patched out.

  • Updates to help address issues where Game DVR clips may be recorded without audio.
  • Underlying OS changes required to enable planned 1405 features.
  • Get System Update button change. This update changes how the system update button works under Settings->System. Now the button will say “No update available” and be greyed out when there is no update, and it will say ‘Update console’ and be active when an update is available.
  • Update to address issues some issues users noticed where Party Chat would be quiet unless the Party App is snapped.

It is pretty possible that we will see some other issues raising their heads with this update like with the previous updates. The issues addressed with the first update can be read here.