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Red Dead Redemption Coming To PC?

If a recent post on NeoGAF is to be believed, Rockstar Games highly acclaimed Western shooter might be coming to PC soon.

There have been numerous rumors about its release for quite a while now; even some stating that the game would have DX11 effects and such.

This recent rumor, however, seems to have more backing to its claim, from Microsoft Official Compatibility site. Windows Compatibility Center lists the title as Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 compatible.

It could be a mistake from someone on Microsoft’s side, but they usually don’t give compatibility ratings without any reason.

For a game to be listed as compatible for a specific OS, the product has to pass the compatibility certification of that specific OS, meet the compatibility requirements, and then it earns the logo.

It is also possible that the publisher/creator of that content states that the product is compatible with this specific OS and in this case the product also gets certified even though it hasn’t really gone through the tests.

This means someone at Rockstar Games might also have listed the game with Microsoft, which could mean the rumor is true.

There is no official word from Rockstar about this yet, but that isn’t stopping PC users from getting excited since they have been waiting for this game to be ported to PC for a long time.