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Pokémon Art Academy Headed to 3DS in Coming July

Nintendo has announced that it is brining Pokémon Art Academy to North America in this fall and to Europe on July 4, 2014 via digital download as well as physical copies.

Pokémon Art Academy will feature 40 lessons on painting and sketching by utilizing Nintendo 3DS’ screen and stylus. Each of these 40 lessons will comprise of step-by-step tutorials along with various tips that will enable players to transform their in-game skills on a paper.

Furthermore, these 40 lessons are divided into distinctive categories depending upon a player’s skill: Starter, Novice, Apprentice, and Graduate.

The weaponry of these painting-warriors includes a wide arsenal of pencils, markers, brushes, color pallets, and other tools. There is also an undo feature if players come across an accident.

Players will learn under the guidance of Professor Andy who will walk them through different lessons by breaking down complex pictures – including Pikachu, Torchic, Oshawott, Fennekin, and Charizard – into simple illustrations.

Also, players can test their mettle in Free Mode and Quick Sketch Mode. Pictures taken using Nintendo 3DS camera can also be used as references in these learning modes and then share them using Miiverse. I’m all in for some amazing work headed our way!

While speaking about the Pokémon Art Academy, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing America, Scott Moffit stated:

The Pokémon characters themselves are among the most endearing and enduring aspects of the Pokémon video games, with everyone having their own favorite. Pokémon Art Academy lets fans deepen their connection with these iconic characters by providing detailed lessons teaching how to draw them on their Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 2DS in a straightforward and enjoyable way.

Previously, Pokémon Art Academy was announced for a June release date in Japan and this is the first time a Western release date is provided.

All painting fans and connoisseurs out there, are you looking forward to polishing your skills with Pokémon Art Academy?