Minecraft Playstation Vita Development Making Progress

We all know Minecraft is great, addictive and great, its simple gameplay creating a genre of its own with everyone in the Game Industry releasing titles of their own featuring some of the major components from Minecraft.

The game has made its way to every popular gaming platform, with its humble beginnings on the PC, its journey to the fans’ living room with the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, as well as in their pockets via iOS and Android products. Minecraft is everywhere and fan’s cant get enough of it.

In last year’s Gamescom event, Sony revealed their plans for Minecraft Playstation Vita, not much news has been shared regarding the progress of the port until recently when a fan asked 4j Studios, the studio responsible for bringing Minecraft to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, about the PS Vita port.

4J studios responded with a screenshot confirming that the studio is indeed working on the port and seems to have made much progress as well.

4J studios has released a bunch of new DLCs for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition recently, with that out of the way, the team can focus on the Playstation Vita Edition.

Minecraft has sold about 800,000 units during the alpha phase and over 1 million units during it’s beta phase with the final release seeing over 100 million registered users on the PC, 12 million units sold on the Xbox 360 and 1 million units sold on the Playstation 3.