League Of Legends Gets “One For All: Mirror Mode”

Riot Games has always listened to the fans and popularity of their games reflect that.

Now, due to a huge demand from the gaming community, the developer has decided to add the One for All: Mirror Mode to the game, which will let 10 players compete in a match with the same champion.

However, the champion you want to play as must be popular among the community as the 60% of the players will decide which champion everyone will be playing as in the Mirror Mode.

Micro transactions have also made its way to the mode in the terms of a Battle Boost, which you will be able to purchase for your team during the select phase.

It will unlock all the skins of the selected champion but it only lasts for a single match. Also, you will receive a “single game IP boost”.

As everyone in the game has their preferences for the champions, there is bound to be a situation when there is going to be a tie between them or less than 60% agreement.

If this type of situation arises, then a weighted random selection is done from the champions that are voted for play. Riot explains the solution of this situation by giving an example:

If 4 people vote for Amumu, 3 vote for Annie, 2 vote for Aatrox, and 1 person votes for Alistar, there’s a 40% chance everyone will be Amumu, a 30% chance you’ll all play as Annie, a 20% chance to face off as Aatrox, etc.

Currently, One for All: Mirror Mode is live to play on the Public Beta Environment and it is whole lot of fun.

What are your thoughts on this latest mode of League of Legends?