H1Z1 Designer Shares New Information – Cannibalism, Survival and More

New information on H1Z1 has been shared by the senior designer of the game Jimmy Whisenhunt as the early access of the title draws near.

He mentions that, in the start of H1Z1, you will be focusing a lot on keeping your player well fed during the day and well-fortified at night. Fortification is necessary during the day but it becomes the matter of life and death at night as enemies (zombies) become more efficient.

Some of the weapons like bows and axes can be crafted by finding the required ingredients for them. Also, just like in some other online games, you will be able to rent your own servers and set the rules for the game that suit your play-style the best.

Your enemies will not be limited to zombies and other players, you will also be facing threats from the natural disasters such as earthquakes.

There are a total of 13 melee weapons in the game at this point alongside some guns like .308 hunting rifles, 1911 .45 pistols and AR-15 semi-automatic rifles with more to be added as the development goes on.

In all of the game streams so far, we have seen one vehicle and the developer has confirmed that in the start of the game, it will be the only car available and then we will add more, upon the demand of the players.

The developers of H1Z1 are considering to add zombie transformation after the death and also a cannibalism option to the game.

Story of the game will not be a scripted one but there will a back story of the events that took place in the world and it will be told in a “more passive” way.

Early access of H1Z1 will be available now in just a few weeks, after that we will have more clear idea of what to expect from the upcoming game from SOE.

Source: MMO Bomb