EA Sports Madden NFL Tweets Image of New Cleveland Browns Runners

Following the NFL 2014 Draft where Johnny Manziel joined Cleveland Browns, and the team’s recent 2 year contract with Ben Tate, all the football followers (the American football) had been wondering how they both would look together in the same backfield.

Well the fans have to wait no longer. EA Sports Madden NFL recently tweeted a screenshot of the game in which Manziel can be seen doing a play fake to Tate, the fifth all-time leading rusher at Auburn.

With Manziel being a major threat due to his position as the quarterback on the team, it will be interesting to see his chemistry with Tate, the running back for the team.

Tate has yet to have a 1,000-yard season in the NFL. That could change with him being paired in the backfield with Manziel who could open the field for him to rush through.

Last week EA had announced that all the selections done during the first round of NFL 2014 Draft would be made available in the Madden NFL 25 MUT. This marked the first time that EA had decided to roll out Madden Ultimate Team Cards for the entire cast of first round draftees.