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DriveClub Microtransactions Explained, Not Pay-to-Win?

DriveClub on the Playstation 4 will feature Microtransactions according to game director Paul Rustchynsky. Speaking to IGN, Paul explained that the studio will focus on user feedback as well as past microtransaction mistakes to keep itself from doing the same thing and chasing off users.

The game features a ‘fame’ system which earns players points after winning races, points which can be used to buy cars, upgrade player skills etc. Paul said that players can purchase cars directly with microtransactions instead of purchasing Fame points, thus giving the players a shortcut of buying what they want instead of spending more on Fame points if their initial purchase doesnt meet the requirements, same as with Motorstorm RC.

The model still doesnt address the ‘pay-to-win’ mentality that plagues almost every game that features microtransaction, Paul explained that the microtransaction in DriveClub won’t unbalance the game nor will it feature unlocks that require too much grinding but the players are encouraged to spend more on the game.

The last statement doesn’t sound consumer-friendly at all, since the model can be used by devs to make unlocks harder to achieve thus forcing the players to purchase the vehicle needed, furthermore how will this model work with owners of the DriveClub Playstation Plus Edition who get only a handful of cars and locations?

DriveClub is a Playstation 4 Exclusive and will release on October 7th.