Dota 2 Biggest Prizepool Ever in eSports, New Game Mode Unlocked

The Compendium has been released less than one day ago, and already the community has boosted its prizepool to record levels in record time.

With every $9.99 compendium purchase, the prizepool gets boosted by $2.50. In only one day, the base prizepool of $1.600.000 got doubled and it’s now above $3.6m. What’s even more crazy is that it’s still rising at a huge rate!!

The International 3’s prizepool which was the biggest one of all time was $2.874.380, so this year’s edition is already $400.000 ahead, and in just one day!

Every stretch gold has been achieved until the 7th one, which are:

1 – $1.800.000 Evolving Battle Point Booster

2 – $2.000.000 The International 4 Loading Screens

3 – $2.200.000 Compendium holders get to vote which hero gets a new Arcana set

4 – $2.400.000 The International 4 HUD

5 – $2.600.000 Compendium holders vote for a 1v1 championship at TI4

6 – $2.900.000 The new game mode for everyone: All Random Death Match

7 – $3.200.000 Immortal Items made by Valve

This new mode All Random Death Match is a very exciting and fun game mode where everyone gets assigned a random hero and a number of lifes.

Whenever a player dies, he loses his hero and gets a new one at random. When a player dies a certain number of times, he is out of the game, so the game can be won normally by destroying the enemy Ancient, or won until every enemy has died that number of times.

The remaining goals will probably be reached in just a few days if this keeps up, we might force Valve to add even more stretch goals, which may include the release of the dreaded hero Techies.

Also, the American Qualifiers for TI4 start just tomorrow, the 12th of May. Be absolutely sure not to miss any of the action!

The amount of streams going on is too big to get listed here because there will be multiple games going on at the same time and in various languages such as English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Korean and much much more.

Just be sure to head over to the TwitchTV Dota 2 Section for all the madness.