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Dragon Age: Inquisition Emerald Graves and Emprise du Lion Looking Great in These Screenshots

Bioware has posted quite a few screenshots from Dragon Age: Inquisition, showcasing some of the impressive locations you will explore in the vast world of Thedas. The recent ones showcasing The Emerald Graves locale, it is worth noting again just how beautiful Thedas is and how each location has its own story to tell.

One of the locations to note is the Emerald Graves, an ancient Elven dwelling during the Orlesian Civil War. What’s interesting to note is that half the forest itself is the graveyard.

During their war with the Orlesian Empire, the elves buried their dead and planted a seed over them, in the end the Elves were driven out of the forest their holds ransacked or destroyed by the Orlesians.

Now the Emerald Graves is inhabited by wildlife like wolves, bears and even dragons. Huge monsters inhabit the caves to the north of the map, Senior Environment artist Andrew Farrell suggests sneaking past that area when exploring the game but returning to take on these monsters once the player has gained strength.

Bioware also officially revealed details on the Emprise du Lion location, whilst the screenshots have been available for almost a week, there were little facts about the level and alot of fan speculation.

Emprise du Lion was once inhabited by the Elves but now is served as the main base for the Red Templars, a splinter faction of the Templars who rebel against the Inquisition and will serve as one of the opposing factions in Thedas.

Game world producer Liz Lehtonen said that the Emprise du Lion is one of the key areas of the game and that taking over the area from the Red Templars will be very challenging to the player not to mention the region being a major attraction for Dragons because of the hot springs. She also pointed that the area has a significant role in the Dragon Age novel “Dragon Age: The Masked Empire” written by Patrick Weeke.

Dragon Age Inquisition will release worldwide on October 7th on the PC, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.