Open Beta for Ubisfot’s Panzer General Online Starts Today, Join in Now

Panzer General Online, Ubisoft’s browser-based take on the award winning turn-based-strategy title of the same name set during the World War 2, will be in open-beta for the week, giving free access to players interested in playing the game.

Players are required to register an account to be eligible for the open beta.

Panzer General Online is based on Panzer General, created by Strategic Simulations Incorporated or SSI who have developed and published over 100 RTS titles before Ubisoft acquired the company.

The award winning title features turn based strategy featuring scenarios inspired by real world war events. Players take control of a German General and squares off against an AI controlled Allied commander.

Panzer General Online brings the same features from the original title whilst adding new features of it’s own like the Trading Card System that allows the players to customize their army, use special abilities as well as boost their army during combat. Winning scenarios earn players points which they can use to increase their commander’s skills to further aid the army.

Developer Blue Byte has not announced a release date as of yet but the game will be free-to-play.