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League of Legends Patch 4.7 Arrives With New Champion “Braum”

The latest League of Legends Patch 4.7 has arrived and it brings the highly anticipated new champion, “Braum”. However, the character is not yet playable but it will be very soon.

This new patch doesn’t bring a lot fixes but changes a lot in terms of the high priority targets which have a huge impact on the game’s health.

Riot notes that:

Few high priority targets that are having a heavy impact on the health of the game” (aka high-damage junglers). The problem is these junglers are entering the mid-game with more gold and experience than even solo laners, so that’s no good. While they are still looking at different possibilities, the update reduces some of the power of Feral Flare.

Moreover, the changes are made for some champions as well in the patch, which include:


Barrel Roll’s size indicator was reduced in order to better represent the actual radius, the ability now also grants vision once the destination was reached.


Null Sphere’ shield strength was reduced to 40/70/100/130/160 (+0.3 ability power).

Jarvan IV:

Martial Cadence damage was changed to 10% at all levels while same-target cooldown is now 10/8/6 seconds (at levels 1/7/13). Also, Golden Aegis now only costs 30 mana at all ranks.


Granite Shield’s recharge rate is now 10/8/6 seconds (at levels 1/7/13). Brutal Strikes only costs 25 mana now.

For the full details on the patch 4.7 of League of Legends, head over to the official website of the game.