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Diablo 3 Monk’s Story ‘Brothers In Arms Now Available

Diablo 3 Monk
Blizzard Entertainment is known for releasing the short stories that are related to the in-game characters of the game and keeping up the tradition, Monk’s short story was made available.

The Monk story is called Brother in Arms, and it is written by Scott Brick, who has worked on different comic books and sci-fi content before. Examples of his work are included in Wizard Magazine, ToyFare and Comics Buyer’s Guide, etc.

The prologue of the story is spoiler free and it reads:

Pain, be welcome in my home. You shall not live here long, yet while you stay with me, I receive you like an honored guest. You will know peace in this house, but only until the completion of my task, and at that point you must go. Yet until that moment arrives, I greet you like an old friend.

Sweat streaking down his face, the young novitiate recited the words in his head and struggled against the distraction of the pain lancing outward from the spot where his knees knelt on unyielding stone. The throbbing ache seemed to encompass his entire world, gathering intensity and radiating upward, but he struggled to shut it out of his awareness.

Complaint achieved nothing; worse, it would prevent him from accomplishing his task. Kneeling for hours on the unforgiving surface had produced pain nearly so intolerable that it could keep him from recognizing his test, much less passing it. If the sensation stood in his way and he could not end it, he must therefore alter his perception of it. Only by embracing the pain could he surmount it.

The full story is available to read on the official forums for Diablo 3.