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Original Xbox Creator Shares His Views About the Xbox One

Recently, Cnet had an interview with Ed Fries, known as the Father of Xbox, asking about his part in the creation of Xbox and its future.

Fries recalled the enthusiasm of the PC developers who would get another platform they were familiar with, he mentioned the developers sometimes had trouble dealing with Sony and Nintendo on account of their successful platforms and with Microsoft entering the scene and bringing a familiar platform, they were thrilled to have an alternative.

Fries talked about a few members of the DirectX team approach him with a prototype console they called “DirectX Box” He was already considering entering the console business so he happily supported the team.

He recalled how the press responded tepidly to Halo, the first Xbox title that later became the console’s flagship game selling millions of units in months time as well as becoming an iconic franchise. The press came down on them, calling Halo a PC game rather a console game which left the team flustered.

Talking about the Xbox One, which seems to be fighting a losing battle against the Playstation 4 that has been dominating the market ever since release both in sales and public support. Even the critically acclaimed shooter Titanfall was unable to bring the Xbox One upto Playstation 4’s sale point.

Despite all that, Fries is optimistic for the future of Xbox One. He praised Sony and Microsoft for opting for a PC like architecture in their new console, much like how Microsoft already did with the original Xbox. In the end it was all about the games, Fries says the Xbox One doesn’t have enough games, but once it does, it would soon overtake its rivals.

Even if the Xbox One will take a long time to reach the top, Fries is amazed at how far Microsoft has come with the console and is proud of having been a part of Microsoft and Xbox.