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Rockstar Games Verifies 10 New Jobs For GTA Online

Following the release of Content Creator feature for GTA V, players have been busy creating their own custom variations of deathmatch, races etc. in order to get their content ‘verified’ by Rockstar Games and well for fun.

In a recent news release, Rockstar has verified 10 more jobs for GTA Online, the multiplayer mode in GTA V.

The jobs vary from super car races on highway or airport to a dirt bike derby on Vinewood Hills to a four team death-match.

One of the jobs which has me really excited is the Criss Cross Dock Race created by community member Wolfman211. As the name suggests, the race is one on the docks, but the fun bit is that it’s not all about winning in this one (well you can make it all about winning if you aren’t into that kind of fun).

All the ramps among the shipping containers make for amazing stunt opportunities and mid-air collisions, which are pretty sweet to look at or take screenshots.

Another really exciting and what seems to be a challenging job is Hold: Watch Tower. This is a two-stage job where players end up in 4 two-man teams.

The first stage of the job is to take control of a central key point in the map from the armed militia guarding it. Players might have to team up against their opposing teams in order to win this stage. The 2nd stage pitches the teams against each other in order to keep the loot they earned.

Good thing about this custom job system is that anyone can design their own job and send it to Rockstar, if it gets verified other players will be able to enjoy it as well.